Seven associations of Deepika Padukone before marriage, number 4 will stun you -


Seven associations of Deepika Padukone before marriage, number 4 will stun you

     Seven associations of Deepika Padukone before marriage, number 4 will stun you

Beginning late, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are hitched. Notwithstanding, Deepika Padukone's life is connecting with a noteworthy total. In the mean time different individuals voyaged all over from her life. Reviewing this, today we will enlighten you as for Deepika's 7 relationship.

Nihar Pandya:

Deepika's first darling was Nihar Pandya. They met in an acting school of Mumbai in 2005. Around then them two were teaching acting. The wistful story of them two proceeded for a long time.

Upen Patel:

Amidst appearing, Deepika met Upen Patel. Both have given each other a long date. The hot photoshoot of them two damage up viral smart around by then. As shown by reports, Deepika was separated from her first sweetheart due to Upen.

Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj Singh met Deepika after the segment of Kim Sharma. Both related and looked in marriage and occasions. Not just that, Deepika commended her 22nd birthday just with Yuvraj Singh in Australia.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

After the accomplishment of 'Om Shanti Om', Dhoni wound up insane to treasure for Deepika. Dhoni said to Shah Rukh Khan to acquaint him with Deepika. After quite a while dating, when Dhoni would propose to Deepika, he found a couple of arrangements concerning Deepika and Yuvraj's issue and Dhoni went into inconvenience.


After Yuvraj, Deepika met Ranbir Kapoor and them two began to look all starry looked toward at amidst the shooting of motion picture 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'. Talks achieved the marriage that them two got limited because of the section of Katrina in Ranbir's life and Deepika went into inconvenience.

Siddharth Mallya:

After Ranbir, Deepika came with respect to Siddharth Mallya, posterity of India's momentous and most unmistakable bussinessman Vijay Mallya. Notwithstanding, when the photos of their kissing did viral by methods for online frameworks organization media, them two expected to confront different issues and changed into a sort of joke and both isolated.

Muzammil Ibrahim:

Muzammil was the seventh BF of Deepika. In any case, them two after a short time withdrew. The tantamount Muzammil had declined to work in the film 'Ye Jawani Hai Deewani' because of his X-sweetheart Deepika Padukone. In all actuality, even today, these two don't converse with one another.

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